The Christian Challenge

An End, And A Beginning

For nearly half a century, The Christian Challenge (TCC) magazine offered broad coverage and analysis of Anglican/Episcopal affairs from the orthodox viewpoint, chronicling a pivotal period in church history (1962-2008) that has seen a significant and widening realignment in response to liberal revisionism in the North American Church.

Sponsored by the non-profit Foundation for Christian Theology (FCT), The Challenge was the fruit of an encounter at the 1961 General Convention by a small group of concerned Episcopalians who decided they needed a means of defending the historic faith, which they discerned - even then - was under threat within their church.

What began as a four page, mimeographed newsletter became a full-fledged magazine, known for reporting information not found in the official church press, under founding editor Dorothy Allen Faber. Subsequent editors have been Fr. Louis E. Traycik (1982-85) and Mrs. Auburn Faber Traycik, a journalism graduate of the University of Texas, who oversaw the publication between 1986 and 2008.
Recent News
The 2008 Lambeth Conference: Initial Reports, Reactions
The following is a sampling of reports, commentary reports, and opinion pieces on the 2008 Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops, issued at or shortly after that meeting concluded in Canterbury.

This collection, from secular as well as church sources, was compiled mainly for Challenge readers who wish to read something about the results of Lambeth pending the completion and publication of TCC’s report/analysis of the Conference.

TCC’s coverage, which will probably be out around mid-September, will review the results of Lambeth after the dust has settled a bit on the once-a-decade meeting, and particularly after Anglican leaders connected with the GAFCON movement have a chance to meet and comment. Those leaders are slated to gather in late August, though no exact date or venue for the meeting had been announced at this writing.
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The Editor & The Archbishop of Canterbury
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Foundation for Christian Theology

Mission Statement

  • To defend the Christian Faith as embodied in traditional Anglicanism, defined in Holy Scripture and enshrined in the historic Book of Common Prayer.
  • To work for the unity of the Church under Christ, based on sound doctrine and discipline, as exemplified by the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral of 1886-1888.
  • To resist false teaching within the Church.
  • To restore the Church to her primary mission of proclaiming the Gospel.

NOTE: The Foundation for Christian Theology was one of the sponsors of the 1977 Church Congress that issued a call for the continuation of traditional Anglicanism, and adopted the Affirmation of St. Louis as a statement of what such continuation entails.

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